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Why Play Board Games?

by Sherr Artemenko, Play on Words 

The holidays say family time and as the snow falls and forces us inside by the fire, we have a perfect time to pull out a favorite board game to name each other’s doodles, race for some treasure or spin a story from picture cubes.

What can kids learn from playing board games?

1. Social language: Kids learn the language of social skills as they take turns,respond to a player’s last move and are good sports win or lose.

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The Power of Pretend

by Ellen Metrick, National Lekotek Center

I’ve been in the working world for a good stretch of time and although my office attire is often a touch casual, there are occasions when there‘s a demand for me to attend important functions and power-up my outfit. Tucked into one section of my closet is what I term my “power suits.”  I think we all have our own version of a power suit –those outfits that make us feel professional, polished, pretty or powerful.

I read about how presidential candidates pick

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